If you digitize, YOU NEED Pre-Design Studio IV!

Pre-Design Studio is a vector drawing program. Designing is easy: take a drawing tool, click from point to point, right-click to finish.

You can draw from scratch or you can open an image (any quality) to trace. 

Reshape by moving points with the Select tool and then the fun begins. You can use your designs in many ways:


  • Export as solid color image, the perfect quality that makes digitizing in embroidery digitizing software quicker and easier.


  • Convert to Stitches - choice of different line sew types and applique. Copy the result on a USB thumb drive, insert into your embroidery machine and stitch the redwork, quilt or applique design.


  • Export as quiltformat (DXF and 6 other formats) for your computerized longarm system.


  • Print at actual size to create your own paper panto rolls for your longarm quilt machine.


  • Pre-Design Studio is also a great help with garment pattern drafting: trace and resize a scale pattern, or draft your own garment patterns, print at true size, create scale patterns "1 square = 1 inch". Several line styles (dashed, dash-dot).


  • Export SVG, the popular vector graphics format used by many electronic cutting machines. Our SVG can also be used on the Brother Scan N Cut online canvas.


  • Import SVG. There are several drawing apps for tablets such as iDraw for the iPad. Draw on the tablet, save as SVG and import that SVG into Pre-Design Studio IV. Then use one of the available export functions.

To pause the slide show, hover your mouse over an image.