Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I have a previous version of Pre-Design. Is there an upgrade to Pre-Design Studio?
Yes, registered users can get the latest full version at a special upgrade price. See "Buy Now" page for instructions.
2. I have Pre-Design (without a version number or the word "Studio"). Can I upgrade to Pre-Design Studio?
The very first version of Pre-Design is from 2001. There is no special upgrade offer :(
3. Where can I find the free pattern samples?
The pattern samples are in the folder where Pre-Design Studio was installed. If you didn't change anything during the installation process, that folder is located on C:\Program Files (x86)\Pre-Design Studio IV\Pattern Samples.
4. When I uninstall the previous version of Pre-Design, will I lose the pattern samples of the previous version?
The old free pattern samples are also included in the new installation. Any designs created and saved by yourself will not be uninstalled and are still in the locations where you saved them.
5. The program crashes when I am tracing a bitmap.
The background image you are using is probably too large in file size. It should be well under 1 MB! Convert it to a jpg file and be sure to scan at a low resolution (max 72 dpi, max width/height 900 pixels).
6. The program crashes when I am drawing a complex shape.
Check the size of your drawing (Select all, right-click and choose Size). Set it to at least 12-15 inch. Otherwise there will be too many points too close together in your drawing. When the drawing is finished, then resize to the desired dimensions.
7. My nice smooth curves get all edgy when I open the exported PEM file in Brother's Design Center.
The program part "Design Center" of PE-Design (Brother) / Palette (Babylock) digitizing software does not support Bezier curves. To keep the nice smooth curves made in Pre-Design Studio, make the design big in Pre-Design Studio (at least 20 inch) before exporting as PEM-pattern. That way the curves will get extra points and will be nice and smooth in Design Center.
8. I don't have embroidery digitizing software yet. Can I use patterns made with Pre-Design Studio in my embroidery machine?
If you can get embroidery files downloaded from the internet into your machine, then you can also use Pre-Design Studio to draw your own quilt patterns, redwork and applique designs: choose File > Convert to Stitches and save the DST file. If necessary convert to another format via the free Pulse Ambassador converter that can be installed from the Pre-Design Studio CD-rom and then take it to your machine in the same way as you take downloaded designs to your machine.
9. Can I digitize logos with Pre-Design Studio?
Tracing logos (and any type of image) is very easy with Pre-Design Studio, but as embroidered logos mostly consist of filled regions, you still need digitizing software to create those fill stitches. Check out our flagship software "Art and Stitch Plus".
Art and Stitch is a vector based drawing program and a full digitizing program in one. Click here to open the Art and Stitch Plus Overview page in a new tab.
10. Can I use Pre-Design Studio on a Mac?
Pre-Design Studio is Windows-based. If you have a Windows operating system on your Mac, e.g. via Parallels, Bootcamp, or Virtual Machine, then you can use Pre-Design Studio on the Windows side of your Mac.
Although we have several users who successfully work with Pre-Design Studio on a Mac, we cannot offer support with the installation and use of our software on a Mac.
11. Some parts can't be colored in my drawing.
Pre-Design Studio is an object-based program. In complex drawings it may occur that two objects become one, and cannot be colored separately anymore. Don't spend too much time on it: just copy the drawing to clipboard, paste in Paint and use the fill bucket to fill the drawing in a few seconds. See chapter Color in the User Guide.
12. Where can I find the User Guide?
The User Guide can be opened via menu Help > User Guide (PDF).
13. I have purchased Pre-Design Studio - why do I need an Activation Key?
The world has changed and unfortunately software has to be protected nowadays :(
Register as soon as you have installed the program from the CD-rom. You will receive your Key within 2 business days. You can use the software for 2 weeks without a Key: waiting for your Key doesn't keep you from using the program!
14. I have two computers, can I use the same key on both?
No, you will need a separate unique key for each computer, therefore repeat the Registration steps for the second computer.
15. My computer crashed and Pre-Design Studio IV doesn't work anymore.
Repeat the Registration steps. Include the reason why you need a new key. Click here to open the Registration page. (To return to this FAQ page, use the Back button in your Browser).