The End of the Pre-Design Yahoogroup - October 2019


In October 2019 Yahoo Groups decided to stop hosting content for all their Groups, worldwide. The "Conversations" function will end: members of Yahoogroups can no longer post messages, and the content of past messages will be gone.


As a result of Yahoo's decision, the Pre-Design Yahoogroup,  that has served since 2001 as a helpful user-to-user group will be terminated per October 21, 2019.


Although the helpful discussions with other Pre-Design Studio users are no longer possible, you can still find answers to many, many questions by browsing though our Pre-Design Studio website!



Use the links in the white, dashed, navigation banner above for


  • an overview of the program,
  • to see how to register to get a key,
  • to find the Tutorial movies
  • and our FAQ page!


If, after checking the mentioned webpages you should still have questions,

simply email us: